Our relationship in a nutshell:

We like to be silly

and love and snuggle each other abundantly

and support each other

and eat yummy food

and have open and honest communication

and relax in Nature

and play together & with friends….

…….and we want to do all those things with YOU on our wedding day!

Also, some of the most FUN and SPECTACULAR people in the world will be at our Lovefest, so you really should come, too….

(O’Nell proposed to Brian at Burning Man in September 2010.  He said, “Of course I will, Nellie.”)

(Brian proposed to O’Nell the first time at Taco Bell via a hot sauce package because he is so romantic.)

(Brian proposed to O’Nell a little bit more seriously at Tomales Bay in October 2010.  She was apparently really surprised and he was happy she said, “Of course I will, Brian!”)