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(brian’s happy juice – available at a bujillion drive thru espresso shacks in OR and WA -makes rainy driving more FAST and FUN!)


The road trip has been beautiful so far – coastal, a little rainy/foggy.  We stopped in Olympia to go to the perma-Farmer’s market (and buy the most delicious cumin-jalepeño saurkraut ever!).


(brian setting up our nest at doe bay on orcas island)


Then, we drove our car onto a giant ferry and went to Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands in North Western Washington.  Holy beautiful still blue water and green islands!  Some quaint towns and deer with white spotted behinds (never seen that before).  Brian scouted us the best place to camp on the island, Doe Bay – complete with hot tubs, sauna, communal kitchen and a gourmet restaurant!


(soaking in the tubs overlooking the bay = lots of chillaxed reading)

We took a steep hike to the top of Mt Constitution to burn off at least a few bites of the massive amounts of cheese we’ve been consuming.

(woodland fairy sighting)

(brian resting in the shade after enjoying the amazing view of all the beautiful islands atop mt constitution)

(most delicious local/forraged meal at doe may gourmet restaurant – with a beautiful view!)


(brian on luke, nellie on salty for a stroll through the beautiful woods on orcas island)

(o’nellie and salty, the albino horse)

(kayakers on a sunset tour near orcas island- snowy mt. baker in the background, just above brian’s head)

We took a sunset kayak tour – Saw a bald eagle and lots of harbor seals playing the water and heard the powerful breathing of porpoises surfacing for air pretty close to our kayak.  Magical!

A very charming island, but by 3 days into it, we were glad we don’t live on an island with one main road around its circumference.

….and now south to Seattle to visit Nick and Wendy!  Unfortunately, O’Nell got a little sick & the art museum was closed, but we still had fun hanging with our pals over pizza, microbrews, and delish ice cream (salted caramel! strawberry with balsamic reduction! strawberry rhubarb!) & oogling in Pike’s Place Market – the cheapest most beautiful flower bouquets we’ve ever seen! and lots of fruit/veggie/fresh fish stalls.  Highlight of Seattle: taking a flying trapeeze class at SANCA (School of Arcobatics and New Circus Arts), the awesome circus school Nick and Wendy work for.  We decided we want one in Sebastopol.  What a thrill~ terrifying & so satisfying!

Click to watch us here:

B & O soar on the Flying Trapeze




(our fabulous hosts Wendy and Nick)

Arsty shot of the day: (amazing flowers at pike’s market in seattle)


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